HVON’s psychology team works closely with our clients, their support network including families and fellow professionals in the multi-disciplinary team to develop an understanding of how the client may be best supported.

Specialist skills within the Psychology team include the ability to conduct formal neuropsychological assessments to ascertain the extent of the injury on cognitive abilities. Behaviour is monitored and assessed in order to help clients communicate their needs in an effective manner, whilst developing more socially appropriate behaviours.

We provide 1:1 individual therapy to support those who are experiencing emotional or adjustment difficulties following brain injury. The team will also supply this service for family members who may be struggling to come to terms with the changes that the brain injury has caused in their lives.

The neuro-rehabilitation coaches work with our clients living in the community, to support and assist them with everyday tasks such as shopping, paying bills and returning to college.

Motivation, social anxiety, communication and behaviour difficulties are all issues that impact on our clients.  Our Neuropsychology team work closely with clients and their support network to overcome these and other issues that affect them. Above all we recognise that no two clients are the same and individual strategies and plans are required for each of our clients if we are to achieve positive results and personalised goals for them.

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