Meet our People


Meet Our People

Margaret Lakidi, co-founder and professional social worker developed a highly respected approach to the residential rehabilitation and care of younger adults with ABI, often with associated problems linked to substance misuse or mental health issues. Delivery of these services through sister organisation High View Care Services, currently cares for 29 adults in a variety of settings.

The outreach service has at its heart a strong professional team, including a Consultant Neuropsychologist, a Clinical Neuropsychologist, an Assistant Psychologist, senior neuro-rehabilitation coaches and neuro-rehabilitation coaches.

Dr Seb Potter is our consultant clinical neuropsychologist and HVON Clinical Director, specialising in neuropsychology rehabilitation for more than a decade. He has worked with clients with brain injury at many stages of their recovery pathway and believes in an evidence-based planned and strategic approach that is focused on optimising behaviour change.

Dr Rebekah Jamieson-Craig our Deputy Director of Therapeutic-services shares her time between our outreach and residential services. She is Lead Specialist Clinical neuropsychologist. Her experience encompasses being lead specialist neuropsychologist in both private and public health service.

The Directors’ experience in brain injury and other neurological conditions ensures assessments and support plans are thorough, pragmatic and aimed at achieving optimum cognitive and behavioural function through effective therapeutic interventions.

The Directors provide input and supervision to our team of specialist Assistant Psychologists and specially trained Neuro-Rehab Coaches (NRC) throughout the client’s journey with HVON.

The quality of the HVON team is critical to successful outcomes for the client. That is why our service is delivered by NRC who have undergone a thorough selection and induction process that adds first hand experience of working with service users with a range of neurological conditions to their in-depth theoretical understanding of ABI/TBI gained usually through a Degree and or a Masters in Psychology.

NRC participate in a rolling in-house training programme and also receive clinical supervision under the watchful eye of Dr Jamieson-Craig.

All of our NRC are truly passionate about making a difference to the lives of people with ABI/TBI.