Making a referral

We welcome referrals from Case Managers, other professionals or carers.

Our neuro-functional approach starts with the development of a therapeutic alliance and a pre-cursor to this is the pre-admission assessment.

This helps to ensure identified needs can be met and that HVON has the ability and the resources to develop an effective therapeutic relationship.

The assessment involves meeting the prospective client, talking to relevant parties, family members and other stakeholders in the client’s wellbeing and care. It also involves meeting our personally matched Neuro-Rehab Coaches selected from HVON’s team members.

As one would expect, ensuring clients receive support that is both appropriate and cost effective is a priority for HVON. To discuss a potential referral, you can contact HVON on:

Phone: 0208 659 9488


To talk through a potential referral, please contact us to discuss your needs confidentially.