The Service



The Service

The HVON service is truly holistic community-based therapy. It starts with an in- depth neuropsychological and social assessment of the client. From this a programme of interventions is developed alongside a set of agreed SMART objectives and personal goals.

We aim to create the best conditions for building a positive therapeutic relationship by thoughtfully and carefully choosing from our range of Neuro-Rehab Coaches (NRC) the person who will best work with and encourage the client, their family and case manager towards the agreed outcomes.

The NRC is trained to support the client to achieve an increase in their quality of life. The NRC can work within a multidisciplinary team to ensure coordination and best use of other resources such as adaptive technology, speech & language, occupational and physical therapies. In many cases they will coach the client to use the proposed strategies “in situ” and to get the best from those interventions.

We can offer a wide range of support, but it will always be tailored to the individual’s needs and will be subject to ongoing review and assessment to ensure it is both appropriate and cost effective.